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Why Naturopathy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is an evidenced-based treatment model that fosters expression, processing, increased self-awareness, coping skills development, grounding, anxiety reduction, behavioral management, mindfulness, and improved self-esteem. Art Therapists are trained in both art therapy and psychotherapy. Art Therapists in New York State are required to have a master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy and meet criteria set by New York State Office of Professions to be licensed.

Art Therapy can be used as a tool for both assessment and expression. Some experiences and feelings may feel challenging to put into words or may not feel ready to be spoken aloud. Art Therapy offers the opportunity to explore, honor, and gain greater insight through creative outlets. It also offers increased control and choice regarding if, how, and when an individual may share their thoughts, feelings, and stories.

For more information about Art Therapy, please visit  the American Art Therapy Association.


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